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The Rockabilly Outfit And Leather Jacket Style For Men Styles 

The Rockabilly Outfit And Leather Jacket Style For Men

The Rockabilly dressing style emerged in the fashion world around the 1950s. Since its inception until now, Rockabilly has remained as one of the adoring dressing fashions in vogue. If you want to make a dramatic fashion statement, Rockabilly remains an excellent choice. The phrase Rockabilly is associated with the country music usually known as “Hillbilly” of the 1940s and 1950s. It contributed strongly to the development of the Rockabilly fashion sense. Jump Blues, Boogie Woogie, Blues Music, and Western Swings are some of the most crucial influences attached to the Rockabilly fashion model. Rockabilly originally started in the Southern USA and triumph to the world stage of fashion. This fashion model is believed to be well-known around the 1950s and early 1960s. Over the years within the music industry, many revolutions of Rockabilly have occurred and most notably in the 80s.

What Is The Rockabilly Style?

On just about everyone, Rockabilly fashion leaves a strong impression. The look of the Rockabilly clothing will tell people that you are simply a casual laid-back guy.

The Rockabilly shirts feature embroidery on either plaids or solid color. The Rockabilly look and bowling go hand-in-hand. Bowling remains a simple sport enjoyed by amiable people and friends. Once bowlers are on the lanes they usually come out in full force. Rockabilly fashion models also display these features with its hip edgy vibe. So try some bowling shirts!

Getting the Rockabilly Outfit

Stocking up on your wardrobe essentials will help you figure out what type of rockabilly leather jacket to wear. Putting up a rockabilly wardrobe does not require a lot of money or time. The rockabilly look is basically pure working-class Americana garnished with flashes of swinger-chic. Getting some denim is one of the great ways to have a Rockabilly look. One amazing wardrobe staple is a slim-cut dark jean. Ensure to buy a size that is longer than anticipated. This will help you to cuff them up easily. The Dickies style is another way to go. This style typically reflects the rockabilly aesthetic and flow. The work pants in black (more info here) remain classic Rockabilly trousers to use. You can as well select a set of T’s to have a Rockabilly feel and look. A thin white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and tucking the hem into your pants will not make you go wrong. This is considered an original Rockabilly Greaser look.

You have the opportunity to also appear in a suit. Select a slim-fit suit to reflect Rockabilly with class for dressier occasions. Ensure that the suit jacket has a higher waistline, two or more buttons, and a skinny collar. A true attention-getter is a sharkskin suit having a high sheen. Nevertheless, a top-notch suit will only make you spend some extra bucks. Check vintage and sour thrift outlets for this amazing suit to get a good shape suit. You can add a variety to your wardrobe by purchasing Western suits and can be found easily in specialty and online stores.

rockabilly leather jacket

The Rockabilly Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets are a strong feature in the Rockabilly fashion. Unlike Greasers, Rockabilly clothing is much more decorated and therefor also your leather Rockabilly jacket can feature some studs and patches.

Your Rockabilly outfit can be strongly upgraded by adding a Rockabilly leather jacket. You will find a plethora of jackets that can add the perfect layer of authenticity to a Rockabilly appearance. Remember that each jacket will help send a different message when you wear one. The biker jacket is a great undisputed elegance. The heart of the greaser look is the leather motorcycle jacket. You can explore for a second-hand model or shop for thrift stores to purchase one. The letter jacket is another perfect way to display the Rockabilly fashion sense. By picking up a letter jacket, you will simply preppy a great rockabilly look. You can give this jacket from thrift, vintage and flea markets.

Try Some Add-Ons

If you can give it a shot, then try a wool tweed jacket. With a wool tweed jacket, you can convey a casual air. You can search for a topper displaying a collar, knit cuffs, and waist at a reasonable price. The Western jacket is one of the best rockabilly models that you can rely on, time and again. Your look will be enhanced by the Western jacket because it gives a little pizzazz. With a cowboy snap, a branded waist, and ornate stitching, the style is slim. You can as well explore the shop jacket. The shop jacket can be used by guys who want to work on their hot rod. The classic colors are olive green, gray, black and navy, but you do not have to adhere to that. Find a jacket with a name if you really want to rock it the old way.

rockabilly shirt

Rockabilly Hair Style

Getting the hair right should not be ignored. The pompadour is the most well-known men’s hairstyle during the 1950s. Today, this hairstyle is now the perfect look for a Rockabilly guy. Men used cream to smear the hair to display a wet look when the style first became well-known and earned the nickname called greasers. You can wear a pompadour to simply make your rockabilly look amazing and classic. Pompadour is described as a shorn on back and sides, which may be long enough on top. The overall look will reflect a huge, bold whoosh with a resounding effect.

More Characteristics Of Rockabilly Fashion

  • Powdery tuckers and loafers can be used as your footwear. The look will be finished with the help of monochrome brogues
  • Anti-androgynous denim remain a great start
  • The way forward is the Hawaiian Elvis clad in floral digital printed shirts. For the evenings, you can make use of Elvis strutted in dapper 50s dinner shirts along with bandana ties.
  • You also need a pastel-colored Rockabilly jacket to garner your overall look

Rockabilly is a close genre to the greaser style. Rockabilly has been there for a long time and can be a great way to develop your personal style. Especially wearing a Rockabilly leather jacket will not only protect you but as well enhance your overall look.

Important Tips for Wearing a Black Biker Leather Jacket with Style Styles 

Important Tips for Wearing a Black Biker Leather Jacket with Style

Wearing a biker leather jacket with style makes the old adage that “fashion fades but style remains” a reality. For men, fashion thrives on great classic pieces and the classic biker leather jacket is one of these pieces. This jacket was invented in the early 1900s as a motorcycle jacket. Today, it’s a wonderful piece that can be worn with different outfits.

Here are tips on how to wear a classic biker leather jacket with style

Create a smart casual look

One way of wearing a classic biker leather jacket is pairing it with smart casual pieces. For instance, instead of a blazer, you can wear your leather jacket then slip it over a knitted tie and shirt combination. To create a complete look, accessorize it with a tie bar. A neat tie provides a strong color pop against a white and black backdrop. You can complement your look with a suit trouser. A rich hue works very well with a black classic leather biker jacket and a tie.

Off-duty look

During winter, you can sidestep rock connotations and punk of your silhouette then integrate it into a heritage-inspired ensemble to use textured elements. This can be accompanied by an underneath cable knit jumper and a pair of a woolen trouser. Woolen trousers provide versatility that should never be underestimated. Slim leather boots can complement your texture-heavy look.

Wearing a black biker leather jacket with style should not be something that you do during winter or autumn only. However, a leather jacket is not the first outfit that you reach out for on a sunny day. Fortunately, you can create a summer outfit with T-shirt, jeans and light sneakers.

Leather jacket and a business outfit

Leather jackets are generally casual outfits. A leather jacket is not a business outfit and certainly, it’s not a strict formality for boardrooms. However, you may want to throw a slim, classic leather jacket over a tie and a dress shirt, paired with black leather shoes and wool slacks. Such a look will definitely pass a muster for young businessmen especially in an informal setting such as when having a drink after work.

A classic biker leather jacket is an ideal men’s wear classic that can add an edge to any man’s personal style. This jacket is rugged, masculine and designed to last for years. It is definitely something that’s worth investing in. Although your persona might not be remotely rock or punk, this outfit is extremely versatile. It is also not defined by past associations. Therefore, whether you are a man that is used to wearing a shirt and a tie or one that prefers a casual dressing approach, you can still find room for a timeless biker jacket in your wardrobe.

In fact, you can make some of your simplest wardrobe outfits look great by cleaning and pairing them with a biker leather jacket. This jacket may be casual but it is still stylish and noticeable. For average men, wearing a biker leather jacket with style can be a reliable upgrade that will boost their daily look.

The Biker Leather Jacket And Your Rocker Outfit Styles 

The Biker Leather Jacket And Your Rocker Outfit

Rock is a genre in music that involves a certain signature look. Dressing like a rocker has this edge in fashion. Whether you are a band member or not, the rocker style can be achieved along with the right attitude. It means that being a rocker is associated not only in the looks but also in your lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle was certainly what many men dream about. Thinking about your favorite rock stars like Mick Jagger, you may want to be a rocker. But, if you can’t be like the lucky persons that became rock stars, you can always dress like one. All you need is the proper rocker outfit choice from your wardrobe.

Get The Rocker Outfit!

rocker outfit of Slash

Bikers Leather Jacket

Rockers need a leather jacket. It is definitely the iconic rocker outfit to spice up your look. Search for a awesome rocker leather jacket and you are on your first step to achieving that rocker style. Leather is the material that always makes an impression and is a popular choice along with shirts and pants in having a rocker outfit. It can also show edginess and masculinity.

rocker style

A Rocker T-Shirt

It is also an important thing to think about what to wear under the rocker leather jacket. Black is the color of choice. Black T-shirts are a rocker fashion staple. Rock music has sub-genres. Choosing a complementary shirt must agree to your choice of rock sub-genre. According to a website, if you prefer classic rock or metal, you must go for a regular scoop-neck tee. If your choice is modern, indie or folk, consider a V-neck tee on its own or layer it with another tee. For any type of rock, a concert T-shirt or a tank top will do.

Worn-Out Jeans Or Leather Pants

Don’t forget to get the right jeans to complete your rocker outfit. Looking like a rocker is closely related in choosing the right combinations. The bottom part of the rocker outfit must coincide with the fashion statement that you want to say through your upper outfit. Ripped and worn jeans are an excellent choice for most rocker outfits. By considering the rock sub-genres, you can improvise your look for a more personalized output. If you want to look more indie or folk rock, you can consider rolling up the cuff of the jeans by three to four inches. For a modern rock theme, consider wearing skinny jeans. To look more of a punk rock enthusiast, a tight leather pants can help with it.

punk rocker style


Select footwear that matches your overall style. Combat boots go for a tougher look whereas basic boots and canvas shoes go for a softer rock look perfect for indie, folk and classic look.

Individualize Your Rocker Style

You can add some accessories. Shades and metal belts would be a good choice for a rocker look. Wearing sunglasses is a key to pulling off the rocker style. Also, wearing something metal would make an ironic twist in the overall look. Rocker jewelries are also allowed like large rings, bold necklaces, and loud bracelets and thick wrist cuffs.

The Outfit Alone Doesn’t Make You A Rocker!

The rocker style has something to do with attitude. Anything that you wear, reflects on your personality. You don’t need to follow certain dress codes just to please anyone. If you know in yourself what you want to be, everything will follow including your choice of outfits. So look like a rocker and be a rocker yourself!

How To Get The Classic Biker Style For Men Styles 

How To Get The Classic Biker Style For Men

The biker style means knowing who you are and what you want to say. Your choice of clothes tells a lot about you. Whether it’s good, not so good or something in between, as long as you’re comfortable, it is perfectly okay.

marlon brandoYou may notice some parts of your personality makes you more comfortable about the biker style. You live by the road. You like to watch The Wild One and imagine yourself as Marlon Brando. Well, sure that’s quite ambitious. But, it can not prevent you from imitating his style.

The classic biker stereotype is having battered leathers. That is why you are perceived to have a biker style if you put on your biker leather jacket and clothe yourself in full biker style. From head to toe you look tough.

Why a leather jacket is perfect for your biker style

Black is defined as a color that signifies power and control. I can see action stars dressed with black jackets, pants and shoes. Well, the reason is the same with the bikers. It was meant to send the right signal whereas wearing bright-colored clothes is somewhat a no-no.

Most of the television series portray motorcycle riders as adventurous and I think that’s one thing that really excites those who like to wear biker style. Thinking about the most notorious biker gangs, costume designer Kelli Jones said that “The more they wore something, the better it looked”. She tells about the preferred outfits of a person who wants to look like a biker. And as expected, the biker leather jacket is on the top list.

mens biker styleThe biker leather jacket has become synonymous with the biker culture not only because it makes a person look tough but also because it protects from road accidents. It is most important to think about safety alongside fun and excitement.

Next is jeans. Rugged jeans is more comfortable for bikers and for those who wants to achieve the biker style. If you have a new leather jacket and jeans, it is better to beat it up for a “survived-through-years” theme of your look. And don’t ever forget your battle boots or shoes. It adds extra protection for your feet when riding and also spice up your biker look.

How much of a biker are you?

Being a biker does not only mean to be tough and risk-taker. It also means knowing yourself. When you know much about your own personality, your style coincides with it. It does not depend on the outfit or what people say about you. It is what you believe about yourself and what you want to show to the world. Being confident and comfortable about your biker style, wearing a biker leather jackets matched up with leather or rugged jeans and boots, would bring out the inner and fashionable you. Achieving it would bring happiness and contentment on your side. Don’t be afraid to show that biker style. Always remember that having your own style is toughness and masculinity combined.

The Perfect Greasers Style And Why A Greaser Leather Jacket Is A Must Styles 

The Perfect Greasers Style And Why A Greaser Leather Jacket Is A Must

Greasers are a sub culture that emerged in the 50’s and quickly became very popular. The greaser style was highly popular among the lower and middle-class teenagers in the United States of America. The culture also consists of the rockabilly and rock & roll music. In this culture, entertainers in the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando finally became typical and influenced the styles. Among other popular figures are Ritchie Valens, Vince Taylor, Jonny Burnette, Big Joe, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis and just to mention a few. Although the big time of Greasers is history now, the scene is still very vibrant in some places and I am sure you agree that the true Greaser style is way too amazing to just disappear. Our thanks to all the loyal Greasers that keep it alive over all the years and hopefully forever.

Where Did The Greaser Style Come From?

The greaser style emanated from the greased-back hairstyle. It typically involved combing back hair by using pomade, tonics and creams. The youths of the 1950s and 1960s – often called hoods or hoodlums – wrapped their arms around the greaser style. This is a confirmation of the fact that the sub-culture primarily reign among poorer higher-crime communities.

young men with greaser outfit

What Are The Characteristics Of Greaser Fashion?

Greasers often wear clothing such as ringer T-shirts, T-shirts in black and white, baseball shirts, Italian knit shirts, “Daddy-O”-style shirts, bowling shirts, leather jackets, denim, blue or black jeans, bomber jackets, black leather vests or pants, baggy cotton twill work trousers, khaki suits & pants, tank tops and letterman jackets. Chain wallets, flat caps, stingy-brim hats, vintage leather caps, bandanas, bike helmets, fedoras and black leather gloves are common accessories included the characteristics of the fashion. Some footwear that works well with the greaser fashion are army boots, motorcycle boots, brothel creepers, winkle-pickers – just to mention a few.

greaser fashionThe greaser fashion hairstyles include Conks, the Duck’s Ass, Finger Waves, S-Curls and Pompadour. These hair models are simply held with pomade in the likes of Royal Crown, Murray’s, Dax and Brylcreem. The pompadour hair model emerged from people living in vintage culture community during later 1950s and early 1960s, including rockabilly bands, American folk music, muscle cars and hot rods.

Another icon of the greaser culture is the leather jacket. During World War II, the leather jacket became highly popularized among pilots. The 1950s as compared to previous decades remain dull and youths at that time created an innovative notion of adventure. To be factual, the leather jacket marked a great change in the trend of the greaser style.

The Greaser Leather Jacket – One Of The Strongest Features In Greaser Outfits

There are a few items that no Greaser should miss out when getting dressed. But the most important item is the biker jacket. The classic style of the black biker leather jacket is indeed a perfect fit for the outfit. A Greaser leather jacket is always kept very clean and original. It usually does not have any studs or decals. If you want a perfect Greaser jacket, simply get a classic biker jacket from the store and you are ready. Just keep wearing your Greaser jacket as often as possible to give the biker jacket the wanted used-look.

How To Wear The Greaser Leather Jacket In Style


The first step to take is to get the right attitude along with your Greaser jacket. Hang out with like-minded friends and watch movies featuring greasers. You can watch films such as Rebel Without a Cause, The Outsiders, American Graffiti and The Wanderers. Most greasers do not consider the film “Grease” as a favorable movie because it unleashes an over-dramatic stereotype. Once you got into the culture of greasers, the greaser leather jacket will always compliment your appearance and outfit.

greaser hairstyle


The next step on how to wear the greaser leather jacket is to get the look. Great is a white or black T-shirt. The T-shirt may have rolled up sleeves to get a greaser look. You can wear boot-cut or any straight legged jeans like Levi’s 501s. You can compliment the overall outfit on boots like steel toe Gripfast boots, Harley Davidson biker boots or Chuck Taylors. A pair of Doc Marten’s will also work well. For special occasions or everyday use, you can be a real slick cat by buying creepers such as wing tips or T.U.K.s. Using some cool accessories like a chain wallet, a bandana and switchblade combs will give your outfit the greaser look.

Hair Style

Now is the time to make your hair conform to the greaser style. The primary styles are Jheri Curls, Conk, Pompadours, DA, Elephant’s Trunk, The Quiff or slicked back. Anything that shows you are greaser will work well. You can adopt the Snooki’s hairstyle emanating from jersey shore. You have the opportunity to dress any way that suits your curiosity provided it displays a greaser. Some common hairstyles during the 1950s can as well apply.

Once the Greaser outfit is complete, with perfect hair, the typical Greaser biker leather jacket, jeans, boots, maybe a biker chain wallet or even a great tattoo, its time to show off on the street!

modern greaser style